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Removable Dentures In Bhubaneswar

A healthy and confident smile is an essential part of your personality. If you have missing or badly broken down teeth, then dentures can be a way of replacing them. If not replaced in time the adjacent teeth drift into the space leading to chewing problems. So it is essential to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable and natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.

We provide different types of dentures:

Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures are made when all of the natural teeth are missing or removed. Conventional complete dentures are given after the gum tissues have healed, which can take a few weeks. Immediate complete dentures are made in advance and placed as soon as the teeth are removed. As the bones and gums shrink during the healing period after tooth extraction, they need frequent adjustments. Usually a complete denture takes a minimum of 5 - 7 Visits.

Partial dentures:

Partial dentures are made when few teeth are missing. They are attached to your natural teeth. They are a removable alternative to the fixed bridges. We also offer Flexible Partials which are strong yet flexible, light in weight and comfortable.

Implant supported Dentures:

Implant supported Dentures: With advances in dentistry, it is possible to integrate dental implants with dentures. Our dentists can provide you with a denture that is supported on implants that are placed in the jaw bone. These dentures are more effective and attractive as they stay in place and do not slip and yet are removable.