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Root Canal Treatment In Bhubaneswar

Root canal treatment is a regular painless treatment which helps in treating deep decayed tooths. Timely Root Canal Treatment saves the tooth by extracting infected tissue and replacing it by an artificial filling that extends the life of your natural tooth. At Dr. Grin Dental Hub, We provide the best Root Canal Treatment In Bhubneswar using the latest technology at an affordable rate.

If the damage is minimum, then Root canal treatment usually takes 90-120 min or a maximum of two sittings. It is a very effective & successful treatment method if done timely. At Dr. Grin Dental Hub, We offer Best Root Canal Treatment In Bhubneswar with a motive of providing affordable and expert quality treatment, which stays for a lifetime. However, there will be some advisories which patients have to follow to get the best results.

Dr. Artabandhu Tripathy is the best RCT doctor in Bhubneswar who will take care of your dental issues with perfection. Generally, the Root Canal Treatment Cost depends on the level of your tooth damage.

Root Canal Symptoms:

  • Deep cavity or decayed or infected tooth
  • Cracked tooth or broken tooth due to trauma
  • High Sensitivity
  • Continous Toothache
  • Gum disease

Symptoms can vary from tooth sensitivity to severe throbbing pain and swelling.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure:

  • Consultation and analysis of the issue.
  • Removal of infected pulp from the teeth.
  • Filling of artificial material into the clean root canal.
  • Sealing with biocompatible material.
  • Capping the tooth to prevent fracture & removal of filling.
 Root Canal Treatment in Bhubaneswar

After Root Canal Treatment:

Extra care of teeth and gums is a must after a root canal treatment. Initially, You should give an additional visit to your dentist to get it examined again. Additionally, It is compulsory to follow the prescribed oral care routine at home, including brushing twice a day with a recommended toothpaste, Oral wash, etc. With proper care, an infected tooth treated with a root canal therapy can stay alive for the rest of your life.