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Teeth Whitening Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Dr. Grin Dental Hub is the best Teeth Whitening Clinic in Bhubaneswar that offers advanced laser light treatment which is affordadble and perfectly removes stains in a very less time. But if you have any ongoing issues like cavities, infection then it needs to be treated first to continue your teeth whitening process.

Scaling and polishing is done in the initial steps to remove the major substances that is affecting the the teeth colour. Teeth whitening procedure begins after completing the initial process to get the best results. Although there are many home remedies and other dental clinic in Bhubaneswar products are available for teeth whitening but they process is time consuming and does not guarantee results. While our methods are safe which are widely accepted and adopted around the world by every class.

Teeth Whitening does not lasts lifetime. If you still continue with the habits that caused the discoloration then you need the repeated treatment to maintain the teeth whiteness. Minor sensitivity is common which is curable by using prescribed medicines.

teeth whitening clinic in Bhubaneswar

Why Teeth Discoloration Happens?

  • Chewing Tobacco, Smoking and Drinking addiction is the prime cause.
  • Regular intake of Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, Cola.
  • Poor oral Hygience, Not brushing Twice a day.
  • Flush out food particles after meals by drinking plenty of water.

Post Teeth Whitening Treatment Care

For 24 hours after whitening of tooth :

  • Avoid every food or drinks that would leave a stain on teeth.
  • No smoking for 24 hours.
  • Use only prescribed mouthwash.
  • Use prescribed anti-sensitive tooth paste only in case of sensitivity.